Things you didn’t know about Tomi Lahren

This explains a lot about why Tomi Lahren is the way she is.

Some of these i did not know :O

  • She dated a Navy Seal: If you ever wondered what inspired Lahren to rant about Obama’s policy on ISIS after multiple U.S. soldiers were killed in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 2015, well, it might have to do with the fact that she once dated a Navy SEAL. According to the Daily Mail, Lahren was once in a relationship with Jerad Christian, a Utah-born soldier with whom she was reportedly in love. “Jerad is currently on a secret mission and Tomi is very much in love with him,” a source said of the former couple, who met in San Diego in February 2015. “She’s so proud he’s fighting for America. Tomi believes in him and what he and all our troops are doing for his country.”

“She said the reason she did the final thoughts segment was because the issues resonated with her because of Jared, he’s her hero,” the source added.

  • Trevor Noah bought her cupcakes: Following the airing of Lahren’s interview with The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, which featured her controversial opinions on the Ku Klux Klan’s connection to President-Elect Donald Trump and the Black Lives Matter movement, among other things, most people assumed they’d never speak to each other again. Apparently, though, that wasn’t the case. In fact, according to Lahren’s Instagram, Noah didn’t send her ill tidings following their interview; he sent her cupcakes instead. “When @trevornoah sends you cupcakes and you realize a mutual love of sugar might be the common ground you needed!” Lahren’s caption read.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some of Noah’s biggest fans weren’t exactly pleased with his kind gesture.

  • She became a success overnight: We’ve heard of overnight success in Hollywood before; however Lahmen’s meteoric rise to fame practically redefines the term. According to The Guardian, a simple inquiry from Lahmen about internships at One America News Network resulted in a direct reply from network CEO Robert Herring, who told the 21-year-old youngster to come in for a meeting and “we’ll see if there’s a job for you,” even though the network did not actually offer internships. Shortly thereafter, in August 2014, Lahren began hosting her very own show, On Point with Tomi Lahren on OANN. “I built it from the ground up, and I learned a lot because I didn’t have a lot of help,”
  • She has a good relationship with Charlamagne Tha God: Despite holding extremely controversial opinions on things like the Black Lives Matter movement, Lahren has somehow managed to maintain a friendly relationship with radio personality Charlamagne Tha God, who has often appeared on her show to debate—what else?—Lahren’s controversial opinions. They’ve even managed to maintain a friendly-enough relationship when cameras aren’t rolling; in December 2016, they were spotted having dinner together in New York City, according to TMZ.

Speaking to the New York Times, Charlamagne Tha God insisted that Lahren is “misinformed,” not racist,” and that he connects with her “political incorrectness.” “[Still], I have to remind myself that some of the rhetoric she puts out there is troubling,” he added.

  • She is married to her job: Though she was born in Rapid City, South Dakota, it wasn’t until Lahren went to college at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, when she really started to figure out the kind of person she wanted to be.

    She graduated in 2014, allowing herself very little down time before rising to superstardom. Indeed, a little over a year after launching her own show on One America News Network, Lahren made the jump to TheBlaze in October 2015 after TheBlaze caught wind of her viral video about Obama’s response to ISIS, according to the New York Times.

    With such a quick jump from college to fame, it’s perhaps unsurprising to find out that Lahren, an only child, doesn’t have much of a personal life. “I don’t have a family,” she told the Guardian in 2016. “I don’t have a boyfriend. I am in Dallas for one reason only, and that is to do this show.” The Guardian added that she only returns to South Dakota “on the biggest holidays.”

  • She is a commentator: If there’s one thing Tomi Lahren wants you to be clear on, it’s that she is not a journalist. She’s a commentator, an observer, who learned the journalistic process while in college, and she wants everyone to know that she shouldn’t be taken as a member of the news. “I fully acknowledge that I am not a journalist,” she told the Guardian. “I clearly have a point of view, I am very passionate about my point of view. I am a commentator.”

    When you get down to the bottom of it, Tomi Lahren’s just another person with a mouthpiece, like all your favorite comedians, pundits, jokers, and show hosts. Everyone is different; we all have different views. And Tomi Lahren is presenting her views with gusto. Like her or loathe her, she wants your attention; she’s got something to say. And at just 24 years old, it appears she’s going to keep on speaking her mind for many, many years to come.

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