A repo man didn’t want to seize an elderly couple’s car. So he helped pay it off for them instead.

Pat and Stanford Kipping and their dog Baby stand with their 1998 Buick Century outside their home.

Repossession agents, commonly referred to as repo men and women, are definitely no strangers to taking property away from people who are down on their luck. Unfortunately, their job requires them to basically ignore the hardships experienced by those in financial trouble, even if they feel sympathy for them. Typically, they don’t show much sympathy as it is just a job to them.

However, one Canadian repo man was reluctant about repossessing Pat and Stanford Kipping’s car. Even though that was, obviously, the job he was given by his manager at the time.

Jim Ford, a repo man was working a job involving the Kipping’s vehicle but he decided to do something a little different.

Ford found out the Kippings were broke and sinking into debt thanks to rising medication costs. They only had $30 to get them through until their next Social Security check.

Ford took their car, but it ate away at him for days. “They are a real nice elderly couple. I feel so bad and I need to make it right again” says Ford. He made up his mind that he had to figure out a way to help them as this sweet couple’s plight ate away at him, even more so than other cases he had to deal with.

Jim had recently lost his father and had come into a bit of money because of it. He had no children and had not yet decided what he was going to do with the money, aside from get his own car fixed.

Reporter Frank Wilson met Ford to cover the heartfelt story.

In an amazing act of kindness, he called the bank and helped the elderly couple pay off the outstanding bill on their car. Not only did he pay what the Kippings owed for the car, but he left them a small gift of $1,000 to help them as much as he felt he could.

Pat and Jim embrace when he realizes what this kind stranger had done for him.

“He is our guardian angel,” Kipping says. “We didn’t know what we were going to do. You wouldn’t expect something like this, least off all from a repo man,” Pat adds in tears.

When people read about the gift, Ford said, he hopes it inspires more acts of generosity. He’s becoming a sensation all over the country, and everyone’s so inspired by it. He urges others to “pay it forward” in hopes that this kindness will spread to those who need it most.

What ideas have you got to spread this kindness further?


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