Baby Tasmanian Devil Falls In Love With His Keeper And Won’t Stop Chasing After Him

When you hear Tasmanian devil, you probably think of Taz from Looney Tunes zipping through a room and destroying the place.

That image is totally understandable, no matter how old you are, because you’ve most likely seen at least one episode of the cartoon and might have even been a little obsessed! Personally, I was more of a Bugs Bunny kind of gal.

Tasmanian devils are much cuter than Taz would make you think, especially when they are little joeys.

These marsupials are only native in the wild of the Australian island state of Tasmania. They aren’t very big, growing to be the size of a dog when fully mature.

However, the little guy in the video below is much smaller — he fits in the palm of his keeper’s hand!

The video was shared by Tim Faulker, a keeper at Devil Ark, a free-range facility in New South Wales. On 13 acres of land, Devil Ark looks to protect Tasmanian devils from extinction.

Tim shared the video of the little joey — getting his belly rubbed and running after his keeper — to raise awareness for the decline in the species. Tim hopes that with more attention, the species can be prevented from going extinct.

If you love Australian marsupials, you’ll also enjoy this video of a friendly koala lying down in a zookeeper’s lap to get her belly rubbed.

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